NeoGraft® : How it Works

NeoGraft’s advanced hair transplantation technology makes hair restoration easier and more effective than ever before. The following steps outline the procedure and what patients can expect through each phase of the restoration process.

Step 1: Remove Donor Hair

To begin, a hair transplant surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the patient’s donor area. The donor area is usually located in the back of the head where hair is genetically resistant to testosterone. The greater the supply of donor hair available, the better.

Step 2: Extract Follicular Grafts

Next, the hair transplant surgeon extracts hair grafts, grouping them by diameter and length. This meticulous grouping method allows for an increased follicular take rate.

Step 3: Create Recipient Site

Once grafts have been extracted, the hair transplant surgeon creates recipient sites in the “balding” area. Each recipient site is created at the proper angle, in the right direction, with the right orientation. This is all done according to a custom hair transplant plan designed for the patient’s unique hairline and restoration goals prior to the procedure.

Step 4: Place Hair Graft

Last, the hair transplant surgeon transplants individual hair grafts into the balding or thinning areas of the patient’s scalp. Each graft is naturally harvested in order to achieve the best, most natural-looking results possible.

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