NeoGraft®: Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeoGraft® :

NeoGraft® is a cutting-edge, automated hair transplant system that makes it possible for surgeons to naturally harvest individual hair follicles via Follicular Unit Extraction (the “FUE method”). The precision of the technology allows for a dramatically increased take rate, natural-looking results, and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

What does "FUE" stand for?

FUE is short for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a minimally-invasive hair transplantation method that requires no scalpel, no incision, and no stitches. Patients love that the method does not leave any type of scar behind—almost like it never even happened.

Why should I choose NeoGraft over other methods and techniques?

As a company that values customer satisfaction above all else, NeoGraft has built a reputation as The Most Trusted Name in Hair Restoration. The device is highly ergonomic, purposefully designed to serve as an extension of the surgeon’s hand. This allows for quicker, more accurate harvesting, so patients are in and out faster with fewer procedures overall.

How do I know if I’m a good NeoGraft candidate?

In our experience, the best NeoGraft® candidates are people in good overall health, people with moderate hair loss and plenty of donor hair available, people with active lifestyles who want to minimize activity restriction, or people looking to cover up unsightly scars from past linear harvests.

Is NeoGraft® a good option for men and women?

Definitely. Hair restoration with NeoGraft® is minimally invasive, features quick recovery time, and leaves no linear scar, making it a viable option for almost anyone suffering from hair loss.

If I shave my head pre-procedure, will I get better results?

Not necessarily, but shorter hair does allow for maximum yield. This means that your new hair will look more natural, sooner, because each graft is short as well. If you wear your hair longer, however, do not be concerned. Follicular unit extraction can be done by shaving a small area that can be covered up by existing, longer hair.

What can I expect from the NeoGraft procedure?

The NeoGraft® device makes use of a controlled form of pneumatic pressure during the extraction process. The method minimizes the risk of pulling, twisting, or damaging the graft, allowing for faster re-implantation. Also, it helps to mitigate any discomfort.

When do NeoGraft® results start to show?

Once harvested follicles are implanted, the grafted hair generally remains in place for 2-3 weeks before shedding occurs. Shedding is completely normal and an integral part of the hair restoration process. After shedding occurs, new growth will begin with 3-4 months, and your restored hair will continue to grow normally and naturally.

Does the newly grown hair last forever?

NeoGraft® is a proven effective method of hair restoration, but it does not cure hair loss. Some people will need subsequent NeoGraft® sessions to maintain desired hair thickness and density. This is especially true if hair loss patterns continue with age. Your hair transplant surgeon will help establish realistic expectations during the initial consultation.