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Martin Maag, MD

Martin Maag, M.D. is the Medical Director of HHR. He completed his Residency in Family Medicine from the prestigious Michigan State University in 2000. In addition to his duties during residency, he would go on to spend an additional 1500 hours educating himself in emergency medicine. This education was in the form of moonlighting at one of Michigan’s busiest ER’s, Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI. He then went on to practice ER medicine for 18 years before transitioning to hair restoration and rejuvenation. He wants to take his eagerness and knowledge of healthcare and apply it to hair restoration. He is currently Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been so for over 19 years. He has certifications in Trauma as well as having his Advanced Life Saving Certification in Adults and Pediatrics. His drive for medical knowledge is never ending which now has him on the path for Board Certification in Hair Restoration and Surgery. He is committed to being the leader in hair restoration. His Drive and Determination will be to your benefit. 

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